Hanging Wallpaper Border

Planning ahead before dealing with your wallpaper border is going to make all of the big difference. Buying the right amount of border, collecting the resources, and also creating a helping hand will guide you get that professional appearance you need.

Several of the points you might have are: Measuring Tape, Ladder, Work Table as well as Cutting Board, Bowl or maybe Paint Tray to keep Water, Sponge, Adhesive Paste or maybe Activator, Scissors or maybe Utility Knife, Ruler and a degree, Chalk line or perhaps laser, Seam Roller, A Soft Rag, Push Pin and needless to say your designer wallpaper.

Step one Always bear in mind the saying: “measure twice and also slice once.” Plan because of the quantity of paper you are going to need and also let an additional two to four feet for pattern matching on every wall. Overestimate your paper must have.

Step two If you’re planning for the border being below ceiling level, you are going to need to calculate the distance you like as well as make use of a line to show where roof of the papers will be. A chalk line might be used or maybe a laser can help keep you at the proper height.

Step three Start the border in a corner or maybe much less obvious place wherein whatever pattern mismatch won’t be overly clear (a corner or perhaps behind a door). Fly out the border the length of the structure allowing approximately 1″ extra on both ends (to assist in pattern matching). Mark the paper and utilizing a straight edge cut a really straight line. Remember measure two times and also cut once!

Step four Based on the paper type you’ve, it’s some time to read the newspaper for hanging. Pre-Pasted Paper: Roll up the cut length of border glue side out and put in the bath together with the outside/pattern on the roll in the fingertips of yours. Immediately start slowly unrolling the paper therefore it all becomes wet. Try letting it drip a couple of seconds then fold it over on itself. Make sure you complement the edges. Non-Pasted Paper: Apply paste or perhaps activator with the border and lightly fold it accordion style for simple control while hanging. Take care not to crease the border, as the creases can have later on. The paper is going to be much easier to hang whether it’s permitted to rest a couple of minutes to unwind it.

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