Gems Business Inspiration

You will find around hundred some various minerals and gems which may be offered on eBay. I decide to concentrate in on locally available materials as quartz, smoky quartz, striated feldspar, and ruby. Additionally, there are geodes to be discovered in NC though they’re unusual. Start with a survey of eBay’s markets for the semi-precious and precious material you’ve. Use the’ completed’ auctions selection to evaluate the market. Third-party sales analysis program likewise helps. To find an average cost and what kind of the stone sells is essential.

Take smoky quartz for example. I did an auction survey on 6-10-10 and observed that heart shaped spirit quartz crystals choose $9 $10. Granted only one sells for every ten offered however workable.

Post ten for three dollars and one cost nine dollars that is a six dollars profit. Do not forget to deduct shipping/handling, acquisition/production fees and additional eBay/PayPal fees, should be no over three dollars. Which leaves a three dollars profit per cycle. A three dollars return on six dollars is a fifty % gross margin plus more likely a total margin. The figures just improve the further in demand and quality you go. By quartz on as much as diamond there are numerous profit, stops and also go’s, in the process.

The majority of the time, with rocks to gems, the rock should be handled. At a minimum the stone really should be formed into a tumbled and/or cabochon form. Faceted forms bring far more, though time and auction and effort or maybe other sales venue costs, has to be viewed as well as the very own level of skill of yours. For newbies, tumbling stones then possibly shaping a stone into cabochon form, is a great few steps. To sell the finished stone on eBay will be the following great step.

When you’ve stones to market, be sure sell them. Finding lucrative stones to market, as always is challenging. Simply to purchase product sales experience, sell at below costs. You can actually get a hold of a great deal of stones by using the next tactic. Purchase a pair of stones. Inspect them, maintain the very best, form the very best, markup the very best stone shaping the stone pleasingly, promote it and next, maintain the left over to create a set. Try leaving out the part of promoting the very best, just hold the very best, provide the left over and eventually you’ve a premier collection in addition to profits from cheaper stones.