Far Infrared Therapy With Amethyst Crystal

Gemstones are revered for hundreds of years for the healing ability of theirs. You will find therapies exactly where crystals are positioned on Chakras for energy balancing. Many people think that putting on particular gemstones have a protective impact on the entire body; regardless of this, I don’t have noticed documented proof of the results of theirs on dealing with illnesses.

What caught the attention of mine recently was a quote from Nobuhiro Yoshimizu, MD in the book of his, The 4th Treatment for Medical Refugees. Dr. Yoshimizu is former director of Yokohama General Hospital and head of the Nakamachi Garden Clinic.

He said, “For several years, we’ve applied and researched far infrared ray therapy, hot stone therapy, etc. Of the procedure, we found a medical device known as the “BioMat” that’s been accredited by the FDA. It fuses the thermo power of Amethyst to obviously enhance the healing power.”

Amethyst crystals is the gemstone applied to this unit. Thus, I searched for much more evidence. In Vibrational Medicine, says, M.D., Richard Gerber, “Amethyst is able to transmute and also cleanse electricity from a lower to a greater spiritual level….it is linked with energies of the ultraviolet spectrum. Scientists have just recently learned that ultraviolet light comes with an intimate link to the procedure of cellular replication.”

Hmmm. When I see MD’s by using a device, I have a second appearance. Largely because MD’s are usually as suspicious of anything not in the mainstream. So what’s the unit and what will it must do with Hot Gemstone Therapy? For exploring more, I discovered the BioMat is a synergy of three unique treatments:

1. Far Infrared Rays (FIR) 2. Negative Ions 3. Amethyst Quartz

Far Infrared Rays have been discovered by NASA being the best gentle wave. Among it attributes are getting better lymph flow, increasing micro circulation and increasing bioavailability of oxygen and nutrition. This particular relaxing heat penetrates deeply into the entire body.